Monday, August 10, 2009

Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

When Katrina spots a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind her grandmother’s coffee shop, she decides to leave him a cup of coffee, a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans, and some pastries to tide him over. Little does she know that this random act of kindness is about to turn her life upside down. Because this adorable vagrant, Malcolm, is really a guardian angel on a break between missions. And he won’t leave until he can reward Katrina’s selflessness by fulfilling her deepest desire. Now if only she could decide what that might be...
(Description from Amazon)

Coffeehouse Angel is a nice romantic comedy that also has depth. You get to see Katrina grow up in the novel and you can very much relate to her. She has a best friend that is a guy who THANKFULLY isn't in love with her. That idea is very much played out in many books. This book is nice and clean with well thought out characters (even the supporting characters). Also, this book is very lighthearted compared to a lot of recent YA books that lean towards the "dark" side.

Also, the setting is very nice. Scandinavia is a rare setting for YA books (and even adult books) and Selfors does a great job desrcribing the place.

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